Wouldn't you really like to know how to generate customer loyalty and increase sales.....
You've heard of 'The Law of Attraction' right!?
It's basic Marketing 101 that Like & Dislike are INSTINCTIVE! 
The customer is either attracted to the product or they are not!

We'd be fooling ourselves if we thought customers really sat about making rational & logical decisions about their NEED-WANT lists!  Products sell well when they appeal to INSTINCT.  They have universal appeal and they RESONATE with the customer ON EVERY LEVEL!  The customer is INTRIGUED by the product - and they are ATTRACTED to it!  They want to know more... experience more... so they buy it!

Since time immemorial advertising strategists and marketing professionals have spent bucket loads and invested countless hours into trying to find the 'open sesame' switch to these deeper mental processes of their potential customers …

You've reached this page, so you obviously have a broad knowledge or vested interest in various sales promotion techniques and we know as well as you do that there are lots of methods out there!


Please allow us to introduce you to a...
completely new concept in marketing

The Quantum Attraction Dynamic
governed by the Factor of Subconscious Intrigue

The famous Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto proved that RESONANCE and VIBRATION could be transmitted and received through his experiments with water crystals.

His copious research showed how water can receive energetic vibrations of information such as love or purity and undergo molecular transformation to become demonstrably crystalline!


Join the Quantum Revolution

QUANTUM CERTIFIED technology grew out of decades of Quantum Field research in Germany and Switzerland.  Countless years of experimentation and testing across a wide variety of areas (for example - water purification, magnetic field adjustment, well-being resonance vibration, food bio-compatibility and so on) led to results that it is no understatement to describe as:


With the Quantum Certified method, your company will become a sales magnet, because customers will instinctively be attracted to your company, and your products judged a MUST!

The Intrigue Factor of Attraction Resonance imprinted into your company's marketing structure is the key.

Once customers become intrigued by and resonate with your products, impulse buying is far more likely and this dynamic will make your products sell like hot cakes.

We even offer the option of Trial Quantum Certification so that interested companies may gain relative management experience and monitor revenue trends!

Please consider
SAMPLING before you make the final decision to join with full membership!

How does Attraction Dynamic Factor of Intrigue Imprinting affect customers?

To make this much clearer, please make time for the following presentation. ( 3:36 min)
energy level is remeasured, with no change - the pointer goes back to "40".

Now another glass of 
water which has stood on a QUANTUM CERTIFIED - BIO BALANCE TEC CODE for about 15 minutes is placed in the control loop.  The new measurement is "50" - the perfect measure!

Finally Ms. Loveday summarises that all of her subjects measured while holding the CODE experienced a marked improvement in their energy field.

Summary of the Presentation

By means of the electrical energy field (acupuncture meridians), the bioresonance of the organism and its immediate reactions to external influences are measured.

The ideal indicator of bioresonant balance is "50"
Values above or below are deviations from the ideal!

Firstly Ms Loveday (experienced Bioresonance therapist and educator in Australia and New Zealand), checks the 'basic energy' of the participant (the pointer moves to about "40"), then a glass of tap water is added to the loop (ie, the water is given to the participant) and the pointer moves to 50 - the optimal value.

The organism is spontaneously attracted to the Code and recognizes it as "Good for me!"

The so-called bio-electric body has an immediate and direct reaction to signals from the environment.  The “conscious” content is fully autonomous and does not notice anything at all.

And that's the crux!!   In split seconds, visual signals process your company or businesses marketing and rate it as either ...

Good for me! (Attraction) or Bad for me! (Dislike)

Quick as a flash.  All subsequent reactions are merely 'downstream' processing operations, in the many layers of our brain activity.

and is the obvious catalyst for the buying decision.

It sounds simple - because it is!  The spontaneous, instantaneous recognition of your companies marketing tactics as "GOOD FOR ME" is THE lever for just about any purchase decision.


Your companies basic marketing structure (logo, product labels, network e-mails):  is your first "business card", the first unconscious recognition 'FOR' or 'AGAINST' your business.
Our Quantum Certified programming can imprint your marketing tools with Attraction Dynamic vibrations!

Systematically and permanently we ENHANCE YOUR PRESENCE with this Intrigue Factor.  Every day, 365 days a year!

Imprinted with
The Attraction Dynamic your marketing campaign takes shape in the world with a "charge" like an antenna, and resonates with quantum field dynamism.

Of course, this is very new and unless you are a quantum physicist not that easily understood, for it operates on the quantum-dynamic level - ie invisible – but can be verified with aforementioned special measuring methods or certainly by people's reactions!  (Eg: with kinesiology testing, iris diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc.)

This is not magic, but simply "Applied Quantum Physics" ...

Please imagine: if only 2% of previously (unconsciously) 'non-responsive' customers were suddenly 'Attracted'.... to your product

What would this mean for the development of your Business

in the medium term?

5% / 10% ... 25% ..?


The Century of Quantum Regulation