Logo Programming with

the Attraction Dynamic

This service is exactly as it sounds.  Every day of every week we will beam quantum information level harmonization frequencies to your business through your company logo.  An in depth summary of these Attraction Dynamic Frequencies is available here.   

As a bonus, we will also send these 7th and 8 dimensional wavelength spectra through your main customer outreach website and social media landing pages.  Due to constant market oscillation - Attraction Dynamic Imprinting of your company logo & web & social sites will drastically increase your competitive opportunities in the market.

Full membership for any commercial venture is available below, and we also offer a reduced rate to not-for-profit organizations.  To experience the benefit of this extraordinary technology please feel free to try out this service for a couple of months at a heavily discounted rate.

For accurate evaluation during trial membership please consider extenuating factors such as seasonal variations, competitors situation, economic conditions, and so on.  If business trends prove a previously uncharted positive growth incline we look forward to an ongoing relationship with your company.

Additionally more people tend to respond over time to Attraction Dynamic programming, so your business will experience a more intense and long-lasting effect.  This is a result of conditioned resonance - a factor in quantum field, morphogenetic studies.

This exciting quantum field dynamic can transform even the most jaded business enterprise into realization of best case scenario forecasts.  We look forward to doing business with you.

24/7 imprinting -24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Full membership:

AU $ 129.50 per week

New Flatrate for Non-Profit-Organisations:

AU $ 40.00 per week

Trial Period **:

8 weeks AU $ 37 per week

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