The Triple AAA+ Network

Marketing Solution

The same question arises for each network marketer
How is it possible that YOUR emails
in particular can receive

Great question!!! - given the flood of emails – lots of which quickly end up in the spam folder ...

For over 90% of the networkers email is the FIRST contact, and therefore the most important sales medium!

Have you had a chance to read about the Attraction Dynamic, Factor of Intrigue yet?

Consider the potential! 
This method offers a magic “open sesame” to gain the attention of potential customers!!

You now know that the receivers of your email decide in the first fractions of a second whether to CONSIDER it or REJECT it.

Okay so for Networkers we've come up with a method to be able to help you ATTRACT CUSTOMERS 

In the absence of a logo,
we can imprint the Attraction Dynamic Programming
directly into your e-mail addresses
for a negligible fee

Weekly Membership Fee

up to 5 email addresses for US$ 2.97
up to 15 email addresses US$ 4.97
up to 50 email addresses US$ 9.97

Please send us notification of your email addresses to be imprinted after joining the club and we will program them with the “Attraction Dynamic”.  Please note that you also specify the name which is visible to the email recipient!  (Your name or your chosen name, which is visible as “from: ...” and appears to the receiver)

Do you change your email addresses frequently?  No problem: you can always cancel your old list and replace it with a new one - you just have to re-subscribe or re-register.

Please note:  You can not simply add or remove an email address from your existing package.  If you need to do so, you need to terminate the old registration and subscribe again with a new list.  The reason for this is that we use a pictorial overview to imprint your lists with Attraction Dynamic resonance.

AAA+ Solution for Networkers

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Also- for a quick change to your email packages...

You can send us your email lists
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Note:  We recommended that you inform your Up & Down lines about Quantum Certified's programming as well!