Kinesiology - Muscle Testing

With this method you can easily verify the effect of Quantum Certified technology!

Please print these two QR code images :

One of the codes is imprinted with Attraction Dynamic Programming, and the other is not.

90% of people respond instinctively (without conscious decision making) to the Code that is imprinted with the Attraction Dynamic  -  just look deeply at the codes and listen to your intuition!

Proof of the effectiveness of the imprinted Attraction Dynamic encoding can easily be verified by the following kinesiology test method:

Later we will share which code is imprinted, please take the test first...

(A Double-blind trial is only effective if neither the testers nor the tested previously know the result !)

How to do a Kinesiology - Muscle - Test

Requires 2 people:
Person 1 – Tester
Person 2 - Tested   

Step 1: 
  • Tester and Tested face each other.
  • The Tested person holds one arm outstetched to the side, with their fingers also stretched out.
  • The Tester says "please try to hold your arm steady", then presses the Tested persons' arm downwards at the wrist, gently – with no jerking, while the Tested person tries to hold their arm steady with maximum resistance.  Remember (note) the effort that is needed to move the arm in a downward direction, by about 10 - 20 cm.
    (Do not look into each other's eyes)
Step 2: 
  • Take the same position as in Step 1.
  • The Tested person takes hold of one of the Printed QR Codes.  Let them consider this Code for about 30 seconds and then stretch their arm out to the side again.  Their gaze must remain fixed on the code.
  • The Tester then pushes the Tested's arm downwards steadilly (which the Tested tries to hold straight).  Notice any difference?  Please note the difference!  Remember the effort that was required in Step 1 to push the arm down.
Step 3: 
  • Repeat Step 2 - this time with the other code.  - While recording or taking note of the ease or resistance with which the Tested person's arm is able to be moved.

Were you able to notice a difference in the effort required to move the Tested person's arm?

Please remember which Code strengthened the Tested person's arm and which Code did not.....

Note Well:

This test should be conducted in a calm and undisturbed environment.  Small rest breaks between steps are also necessary (1 - 2 minutes).  There should be minimal talk while concentrating fully on each step.  Have fun!

Now, please click here to check the result now:

Note:  It can occur that the test will produce the exact reverse result!  This may happen if the person tested has a “switch” reaction.

This reaction can occur in situations of strong internal stress, such as - emotional extremes, loud music and so on.

Even so, if a difference between the two codes is noted with the kinesiology test, this is already an interesting result!